Stuck Status of Selfie

ABC's "Selfie" seems to be stuck as the season continues. Here's the low down of the last two episodes: Episode 3: A Little Yelp From My Friends

In the third episode, Eliza and Henry faced opposite problems. Eliza tried befriending office coworker Joan by stalking and memorizing her Yelp reviews to create a common ground for conversation. Henry, on the other hand, tries to help his "bestie," office coworker Larry, even though he ultimately can't stand Larry. Here we see a key similarity in Eliza and Henry: the lack of actual friends in their individual lives. This realization helps in the development of their own relationship at the end of the episode when they decide to eat lunch together - the quintessential confirmation of friendship. Seems like Henry and Eliza are stuck with each other... Since they only have each other! For now.

Episode 4: Nugget of Wisdom

Unlike the last episode where Eliza and Henry spent time apart to develop their relationship together, the fourth episode brings the two together in babysitting receptionist Charmonique's son. Somehow, the babysitting gig, which starts off with Eliza but then brings Henry in for backup, becomes a dance party. Henry's entrance is marked by none other than the first KPOP song introduced in the show - Crayon Pop's "Bar Bar Bar." Henry then asks,

"You think cause I'm Korean, I automatically like KPOP?"

A few seconds later we see him then show off his "KPOP moves" with Eliza! This moment sheds light on the sheer upbeat catchiness of many popular Korean Pop songs making their way into the American music industry and now onto prime time television! On another note, Facebook pictures from this very PG dance party are a reflection of just how much effort we are willing to put into our recorded photos in order to show how fun our lives are to our social media "frenemies."

Aside from the one Asian reference, it is nice to know that racial stereotypes are not the center of this show. However, the awkwardness of the social media obsession continues and while it means the episodes progress slowly in whichever direction they are going and sometimes feel stuck, perhaps it all continues to be a commentary on how awkward our strange our own lives have become with hangouts with friends checking Facebook, Yelping all business prior to dining and learning about people via what they like online. Are WE stuck?