7 Things To Always Pack for Every Conference

Brace yourselves: it's conference season! Whether you're getting ready for ECAASU Conference 2018 this Friday, or any of the +12 AAPI conferences happening between spring and fall across the country, here are 7 things you want to make sure you don't forget.

1. Your School and State ID card (Passport too if you're flying!) 


You probably already have this tucked away within reach, but the hard part is making sure you do not lose it. For most conferences, no Student ID means no registration. And if you're flying, no State ID or Passport means you're probably not getting home very easily. The lesson here? pack it but more importantly make sure you keep it secured!


2. Phone Charger / Portable Charger

Do yourself (and your friends) a favor and make sure to have your own before you leave.  


3. Basic First Aid


If you're going as a group, chances are you have at least one self-appointed mother bear who will be responsible enough to bring basic bandaids, pain medicine, allergy medicine, and even foldable self-purifying water bottle. But it's always best to have your own supplies! 


4. A Place to Store Your Receipts


Every college and student association has a different process. Some require you to have the actual, physical, signed, and itemized attached with your reimbursements. Some take a photograph of the receipt. Some don't even need one. The important thing here is to just do everything in your power to make sure you get your money back when you go home.  


5. Cash

Everyday apps like Venmo and Square Reader constantly save your group outings or hip, outdoor shopping experiences from using cash. But thinking ahead will help you avoid any extra ATM fees and most importantly the hassle of trying to find an ATM in the first place.


6. Updated Resume or Business Card


At ECAASU 2018 there will be some time allotted for a career fair so having a few copies of your resume is directly relevant. But every conference has a workshop or a caucus -- moreover a large part of the appeal of going to a conference is to build your network. If you're entrepreneurial or just looking to be efficient and quirky with handing out your social media contact info, having a business card is the way to go.

7. One Polished Look 

Programs usually have dress codes on them, but it never hurts to bring one polished business casual outfit to look sharp for those #candid workshop photos.