A bit of History...


In 1977, the Intercollegiate Liaison Committee was founded at Yale University as the nation’s first intercollegiate Asian American student conference. In 1978, the conference was moved to Princeton University and renamed as the East Coast Asian Student Union. Finally in 2004 after 27 conferences at 20 different college campuses, the annual conference would again be renamed to its current designation as the East Coast Asian American Student Union.

For more information on ECAASU history in the 1970s, and 1980s, please visit the the ECAASU Timeline.

As of 2016 after 39 conferences and 39 consecutive years of uninterruped growth, ECAASU remains as the oldest and largest Asian American student conference in the nation and one of the preeminent collegiate student conferences in the world.


Prior to 2008, ECAASU existed as a number of unincorporated and disjointed collegiate organizations. The 2007 conference organizers at Yale University thus envisioned that by incorporating nonprofit status, the existence of an ECAASU national board would benefit the public at large including all ethnicities and genders.

In January of 2008, Articles of Incorporation were filed with the state of Connecticut and soon thereafter the ECAASU Bylaws were passed by the board of directors at the organization’s first report meeting. The first fully recognized National Board was elected soon afterwards in March of 2008.

ECAASU National was born.