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The High School Program is an initiative by the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) to empower and educate High School youth interested in AAPI Affairs. The purpose of this program is gain the knowledge necessary to develop oneself both professionally and personally by interacting with peers and national board members. Through this program, a candidate will learn about Advocacy, what it means to be an AAPI youth, complete a community project, and have opportunities to network with leaders from across the United States. The intent is to challenge individuals to think critically about their surroundings while simultaneously being in an environment that cultivates their leadership skills. Upon completion, students will gain a better understanding of post high school life, learn about unique leadership styles, and develop a network of people and resources to use at your convenience.


For more information about the program read the description above, or email the program coordinators, Jessie Huang and Shania Khoo, at jessie.huang@ecaasu.org and shania.khoo@ecaasu.org. For more ways to get involved, email us at communications@ecaasu.org.