Executive Director


Hometown: Kissimmee, FL
Pronouns: She/her
School: Florida State University ’16

Kathryn Quintin is a graduate from The Florida State University majoring in International Affairs and Sociology. Her day job consists of working as the Programs Associate for APIAVote mobilizing AAPIs in the electoral and civic process. She also holds a position on the Board of Advisers for SERCAAL (Southeast Regional Conference for Asian American Leaders). Kathryn loves connecting and talking to people about different issues facing the APIA community as well as several different intersecting social justice issues. When she isn’t talking your ear off, she is often watching Netflix or drinking pomegranate juice even though she can’t afford drinking pomegranate juice. Previously, Kathryn has held position as the Associate Director, Director of Advocacy, and Advocacy Coordinator.



Hometown: Arlington, MA
Pronouns: She/her
School: UMass-Amherst

Connie is a first generation Taiwanese American majoring in Chinese and Economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She is currently serving her second year as president of the Taiwanese and Chinese Students' Association at her university, promoting awareness and celebration of Taiwanese and Chinese culture on campus. She is also the treasurer of the Hip Hop Culture Organization, and the Administrator on the advisory board of the Asian American Defined Residential Community at UMass. Being a language major, she strongly believes in the importance of communication and mutual understanding in their roles of minimizing misconceptions and prejudices. As a Taiwanese American, she is especially passionate about the international relations between Taiwan, China, and the U.S. as well as Taiwan's standing on the global platform. During her free time, Connie likes to practice reiki, meditate, bake, watch anime, and play video games.





Director of Advocacy


Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Pronouns: They/them
School: North Carolina State University

Huy identifies as an international queer person of color from Vietnam. They finished Computational Mathematics degree in Appalachian State University 2015. Huy started attending North Carolina State University in the fall of 2016 for their PhD studies in Computer Science. Huy is passionate about learning their and people's identities in regards to social justice issues and mental health issues in marginalized community especially the people of color community. Their hobbies include swing dance, poetry, playing strategy games, being outdoor, cooking, and sleeping.

Advocacy Communications Coordinator


Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia
Pronouns: She/they
School: Georgia Tech

Chelsey is a second generation Chinese American from Alpharetta, Georgia. She currently attends Georgia Tech, pursuing a major in Public Policy and a minor in Global Development. She currently serves as the President of the Chinese Student Association on campus and is also a Safe Space Facilitator, working to train students on campus on becoming better allies to the LGBTQIA community. She is interested in city planning, in particular increasing affordable housing and accessible transportation. She is also interested in issues that intersect the AAPI and LGBTQIA community as well addressing antiblackness in the AAPI community. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and meme discourse.

Advocacy Outreach Coordinator


Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina
Pronouns: He/him
School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

David is a second generation Korean American from Greensboro, North Carolina. He currently attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, pursuing a major in Psychology and Neuroscience with minors in Creative Writing and Medicine, Literature, and Culture. He is interested in studying Korean diasporas, narrative medicine, and mental illness, especially that of Asian Americans and queer identifying people. David also identifies as a queer Korean/Asian American and a person living with a bipolar spectrum disorder. At UNC Chapel Hill, David is involved with the Asian Students Association and the UNC Chapel Hill Asian American Pacific Islander Working Group. He enjoys reading Korean and Korean American literature, writing short stories and different forms of creative nonfiction, and trying to understand what it means to be an activist. David struggles with the constant issue of having too many books that have yet to be read and journals that have yet to be written in. David aspires to one day make Korean food as well as his grandmother did.

Advocacy Outreach Coordinator



Hometown: Plainview, Long Island NY
Pronouns: he/him
School: Tufts University

Kevin is a second-generation Korean American. He was born in Queens, spent his toddler days in Bayside, and grew up (or attempted to) on Long Island, New York. Kevin has recently graduated Tufts University with a Biochemistry degree, and considers the AAPI community at Tufts to have sparked his passion for AAPI issues & racial justice. Just as he was nurtured by student activist spaces, Kevin has pushed himself to give back— investing time and energy into helping build and maintain the spaces and dialogues needed to foster a loving AAPI community at Tufts. Eager to initiate discussion regarding race and intersectional identity among Asian/Asian American students on Tufts campus, Kevin’s last year at Tufts was spent as co-president of the Tufts Asian Student Coalition (TASC), publicity chair & senior advisor of the Tufts Korean Student Association, and a council representative of the Tufts Pan-Asian Council. A collector of buttons, hoarder of cute stationary, and religious user of Facebook stickers and emoticons, Kevin spends his free time making his own boba, tearing up to sentimental Korean movies, and trying to quit his video game addiction. Kevin is looking forward to being with ECAASU for a second year!

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.24.10 AM.png

Advocacy Research Analyst


Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Pronouns: She/they
School: Duke University

Ada is a Chinese American from Portland, Oregon. She is currently a junior at Duke University, studying Neuroscience with minors in Creative Writing and Psychology. In the future she hopes to push her passion for social equity and justice into the field of medicine. Additionally, she is interested in the intersection of neuroscience and society, particularly in terms of leveraging scientific discovery to create meaningful, accessible, and feasible change for marginalized communities; her research interests are in examining the neural bases of implicit bias, empathy, and prejudicing. She is also interested in exploring the many nuanced identities of the queer POC community and the different ways in which QPOC students find community and support with and through each other at predominantly white institutions. In her (admittedly little) free time, she enjoys reading, writing, home-cooked food, and cats.

Asian American Affairs Analyst


Pronouns: She/they
School: Amherst College

Olivia Zheng is a second generation Chinese American originally from the Bay Area. She is currently a sophomore at Amherst College, where she is a prospective English major hoping to concentrate in Creative Writing. On campus, she works as an Education Coordinator at the Multicultural Resource Center and a Diversity Intern for the Amherst College Office of Admissions. Olivia also serves as the Political Engagement Chair of the Amherst Asian Students Association, working to increase the presence of AAPI studies at Amherst. Besides her involvement with the Asian American and POC community on campus, Olivia is also an active member of Dance and Step at Amherst College (DASAC), Intersections Dance Company, and Amherst Mock Trial. Olivia loves to talk about social justice, deal memes, play card games, read fantasy novels, drink too much boba, eat too much gummy candy, and write short stories.

Advocacy Research Intern


Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Pronouns: He/him
School: George Washington University

Sai-kit Jeremy Lee identifies as a second-generation Hong Kong Thai Chinese American, born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a junior at the George Washington University in DC, he is majoring in Asian Studies and Chinese, and minoring in Korean and Organizational Sciences. At GWU, Jeremy co-founded GW’s Asian American Student Association Spring 2017 and currently serves as its president. He hopes to use this student organization to bring light to issues surrounding the AAPI community while also creating community for the Asian American students on campus. He’s also a member of Circle K, an international service organization, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship where he leads a small group that focuses on the intersection of the Asian American identity and faith. As a linguaphile, whenever Jeremy has free time, you’ll probably see him trying to study a new language or listening to music in a language he can’t fully understand yet.





Director of Communications


Hometown: Cary, NC
Pronouns: He/they
School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Nick is a mixed Chinese American based in Cary, NC. They just graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in media production where they were involved in a number of arts, social justice, and innovation organizations. In their free time, they like to explore applications of visual arts, documentary methods, and technology in activism and advocacy. Nick got involved with ECAASU as a part of the Logistics Task Force of the 2017 conference. They primarily focus on examining health inequities and the issues of queer and neurodivergent people of color. They love film, theatre, photography, hiking, coding, and being unabashedly Southern.

Communications Coordinator


Hometown: Duluth, GA
Pronouns: She/her
School: Duke University

Helen Yang is a Chinese American junior at Duke University, pursuing a double major in Linguistics and Political Science with a minor in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. She holds a strong fascination with humanity. Through languages, power, and culture, she sees an important outlet for revolutionary expression and explores academic intersections as a way to explore herself. She serves as the External Vice President in Duke's International Association and the Internal Vice President of Spoken Verb, as well as general involvement in Duke Debate, Asian Students Association, and the Asian American Studies Working Group at Duke University. Focusing on the misrepresentations of AAPI and the societal, psychological, and economic violence that arises in consequence, Helen aims to educate and raise awareness on intersections of identity and to amplify the unheard voices of minority communities through storytelling and activism. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, spending time with her little brother, reading, embroidery, and psychoanalyzing television characters.

Social Media Coordinator

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 12.25.07 AM.png


Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Pronouns: She/her
School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Sabrina is a junior interactive multimedia major in the UNC School of Media and Journalism. Her minors are computer science and women's and gender studies. Sabrina was on the conference team for ECAASU 2017, where she met the greatest people and had the time of her life. She is currently involved with UNC's emerging Asian American Studies/AAPI Working Group as a student advocacy branch coordinator. In her spare time, she is probably eating chicken nuggets or frying some eggplant, which is honestly her predominant food group.


Managing Editor

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 4.39.34 PM.png


Hometown: Queens, NY
Pronouns: She/her
School: Baruch College '15

Kate Pangilinan is a Filipino-American New York native who graduated Baruch College with a degree in Advertising and Communications and a minor in Journalism. Her previous work experience extends from editorial and social media in fashion and television to product marketing and digital campaign management for in enterprise software.

Her community involvement began within the Filipino American community as External Public Relations Officer of Filipinos Uniting Students in Other Nations (F.U.S.I.O.N.) at Baruch College, and as District III Public Relations Officer within the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (F.I.N.D. Inc.). At F.U.S.I.O.N., she was responsible for building relationships with organizations and businesses outside of the Baruch community. During her tenure at District III of F.I.N.D. Inc, she launched their official website and blog.

Kate also served as the Director of Marketing and Communications for Legacy Mentorship Inc., where she created the brand voice and led all marketing efforts to fundraise and promote Legacy’s mentorship and developmental programing for the AAPI community in New York City.

Graphic Designer


Hometown: Seattle, WA
Pronouns: She/her
School: University of Virginia

After flying across the United States from Seattle, WA to her new home in Stafford, VA at the age of 10, Jasmin Nguyen is now completing her last year at the University of Virginia. She is a first-generation, half-Filipino and half-Vietnamese who you can find sipping on a cup of coffee while playing around on Adobe Photoshop. Around UVA, she takes great pride in being a part of the Organization of Young Filipino Americans (OYFA). Beyond the AAPI community, she invests her time in being a part of the Student Hip-Hop Organization (SHHO) and heading the University Programs Council's (UPC) marketing committee. As a part of ECAASU, she aims to take action and engage with the issues facing the AAPI community, working to dismantle the model minority myth, and combat the stereotypes that suppress Asian Americans. Motivated by her involvements and life experiences, she plans to apply her creative mind to produce graphics that highlight the issues revolving around the Asian American community. Her mind sits restlessly, thinking about the underrepresentation of Asian Americans in the media and arts, and dealing with the false perceptions surrounding the Asian American identity. Her passion for the arts motivates her to seek out diversity in background and expression by empowering other Asian American artists to share their stories and experiences. She is determined to draw attention to and challenge the stereotypes that constricts Asian American identity in order to overcome systemic barriers, allowing AAPI individuals to reach their full potential.

Social Media Intern


Hometown: Needham, MA
Pronouns: She/her
School: University of Pittsburgh

Samantha (aka Samie) is a Chinese American from a suburb outside Boston, Ma. She is a senior studying communications and minoring in legal studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Although her family is of Hong Kong origin, she cannot speak Cantonese, but knows conversational Mandarin from high school and college. She studied in Taipei, Taiwan during the 2017 spring semester and was a social media intern that summer at a local company called Alchemy Technology. At Pitt, she is a part of the social media team of Her Campus, a photographer for Taiwanese Student Scholars, and is a general member of She's The First. Sometimes Samie will offer to take photos of student events or head shot fundraisers because she loves photography. One of her biggest dreams is to be a wedding photographer and learn more photoshop so she can take amazing cosplay photos. When she isn't embarassing herself with bad puns or weird dance moves, Samie loves binging webtoons, napping (a lot), squealing at cat photos, and watching anime.

Editorial Intern

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.48.15 PM.png


Hometown: Boston, MA
Pronouns: She/her
School: Emerson College, '18

Lily is a Chinese adoptee from St. Louis, MO and recent grad of Emerson College. She studied journalism and digital media culture, but she’s mostly interested in tech, media representation, pop culture, and the ways digital media combines platforms. Lily has been a part of some form of journalism for nearly a decade, including her hometown newspaper, high school and college papers, personal blogs on Medium. She aims to work with upcoming multimedia platforms to tell the best stories of people, events, and cultures around the world through stories, photos, podcasts, video and interactive graphics.

Editorial Intern



Hometown: New Hyde Park, NY
Pronouns: She/her
School: Duke University

Annie is a second-generation Chinese American who was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and also lived in New Jersey and Queens, New York before moving to Long Island, New York. She is a sophomore at Duke University who is considering majoring in history and global cultural studies but is trying to remain undecided for as long as possible. At the moment, her main academic interests are critical race theory, postcolonial theory, and histories of marginalized peoples. At Duke, Annie is involved with the Asian American Studies Working Group, is a writer for a social justice and identity blog called The Other, and is an assistant director for Common Ground, a retreat centered on issues of identity. She is also a publicity chair for the Triangle-Area Asian American Student Conference. When Annie is not sleeping, working, or procrastinating, she can probably be found trying to woo the campus cats with treats.




Director of Development


Hometown:  Staten Island, New York
Pronouns: She/her
School: Binghamton University

Shelley is a senior at Binghamton University majoring in Psychology and Asian and Asian American Studies (AAAS) and minoring in Education. She grew up in Staten Island, New York and is a first generation college student. Shelley is passionate about educational equity and mental healthcare access in communities of color. At Binghamton, she has previously served in her hall student government as Co-Vice President of Service and Leadership and as Asian Outlook magazine's blog manager. She currently serves as a Resident Assistant in the Binghamton student community. While she has always had an interest in AAPI issues, Shelley only recently became involved with her local AAPI community this summer as a Development Associate at the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families(CACF) in New York. In her free time, she enjoys discovering new places to eat, listening to hip hop, traveling and spending time with loved ones.

Development Coordinator


Pronouns: She/her
School: Binghamton University

Samantha is a junior at Binghamton University double majoring in Asian & Asian American Studies and Human Development. At her university, she is the President of the Asian Student Union and Andrew Goodman Foundation Ambassador Team Leader. In the past, Samantha was a Youth Advocate with the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families and an active volunteer in the Chinese American community in New York City. Her interest and devotion to the Asian American community through civic engagement and policy advocacy is deeply rooted in her experience taking courses at Binghamton University and Hunter College. Samantha enjoys sharing dog memes and laughing at corny puns. Samantha is often overlooked because of her height.

Development Coordinator


Savannah is a senior at SUNY Geneseo, studying International Relations, with minors in Art History and Asian studies. Raised in a Filipino household, Savannah was involved in the Filipino American Association of the Bronx throughout her childhood. Her experience in interning at various museums have sparked her interest in researching representation in museums and cultural institutions. On her free time, she enjoys making bubble tea, taking photos, and finding new Spam Recipes.

Special Events Coordinator


Pronouns: She/her
School: Temple University

Aishika is a senior at Temple University studying Media Studies and Production, with a concentration in Media Business. Eventually, she wants to work to in media and Hollywood to create works with a range of diversity and representation that reflect our communities. In addition to her interests in media, Aishika has been an active member of Temple's Asian Students Association for the past three years and is the current Co-Events Coordinator. She is also a founding member of the Temple Asian Student Council, an initiative to bring together various Asian-interest organizations on campus to build a community and collaborative atomosphere, and the current President. In her free time, she likes to go on spontaneous trips to Center City to get milkshakes, have photoshoots with friends, play with her cat, and tag her friends in memes.


Fundraising Coordinator


Hometown: Cary, NC
Pronouns: He/him
School: Duke University

Michael is a senior from Cary, NC at Duke Univeristy studying Economics and Education. He plans to become a teacher after college as the first step of his career in education. But before he enters the classroom, Michael wants to learn more about what it takes to be a successful educator. Michael's passion for education also includes his desire to learn more about ways to support and advocate for the AAPI community. When Michael isn't playing pick-up basketball, you might find him taking pictures of aesthetic buildings or deciding what his next meal would be.

Fundraising Coordinator


Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 4.45.50 PM.png

Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Pronouns: She/her
School: Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Andrea is a senior at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. She is a double-major in Public Policy and Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing. She hopes to be one of the leaders in mental health reform in the United States and also focus on the mental health issues within the APIA community. In her time so far at Rutgers she has co-founded the Rutgers Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) chapter and is a part of the Mentor/Mentee program at the Asian American Cultural Center (AACC). When she isn't confined to the library, Andrea loves to hike, travel, meditate, and go to the meetings for the poetry collective called Verbal Mayhem and Sus Bus. She also is an assistant basketball coach for elementary school kids as well as an English teacher for middle school children. Her first exposure to ECAASU was her freshman year at the ECAASU conference in DC. Since then, she has served as an advocacy intern for national board as well as the conference team for the Rutgers ECAASU.

Development Intern

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.51.58 PM.png


Hometown: West Windsor, NJ
Pronouns: She/her
School: University of Pittsburgh

Mehaa is an Indian American raised in West Windsor, New Jersey. She is currently a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh undeclared pursuing a minor in Chinese and an Asian Studies Certificate. At Pitt, she is currently an active member of the PR committee for the Asian Student Alliance and works to promote Asian advocacy and create a community where Asians feel comfortable expressing their identities. She is especially passionate about mental health issues among young Asian Americans because it is an issue that she personally and many Asian Americans around her have struggled with growing up. She is also very excited and committed to learning more about how to be active in the Asian American community and understanding the issues that Asian American youth face today. In her free time, Mehaa enjoys dancing (a lot), reading and writing, and cooking/baking.





Director of Outreach


Hometown: San Jose, California
Pronouns: He/him
School: Brandeis University

Born in Vietnam, but raised in San Jose, California, Tony enjoys temperate weather and sunshine. At Brandeis, he was heavily involved the Intercultural Center and their many organizations. He was the Vice President of the Brandeis Asian American Students Association (BAASA) his Junior year and the Event Coordinator of the Southeast Asia Club his sophomore year. His journey with AAPI social justice began his freshmen year when he joined BAASA as their ICC representative in Spring 2014. His work with ECAASU began as sophomore when he served as the Co-Director of Programming for the 2015 ECAASU Conference at Harvard. In his spare time (if he has any), Tony loves to socialize with his friends, read and discuss about race and identity, update his LinkedIn profile, and read Manga. One day he hopes to open the perfect milk tea cafe where he can waste his life away. Tony previously served the Affiliate Organization Coordinator from 2015-17.

Affiliate Program Coordinator


Hometown: Memphis, TN
Pronouns: She/her
School: Duke University

Christine is a senior at Duke University, where she is studying Public Policy and History. She was born in Memphis, TN, and is interested in AAPI representation, postcolonial theology, and ethnic studies programs. She is also passionate about creating spaces for Asian American Southerners to continue to develop the growing narrative of what it means to be Asian and AAPI in the South. She is currently involved in the Asian Students Association, the Asian American Alliance, Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and the Asian American Studies Working Group at Duke University. In her free time, she likes to run, bake, and rummage around the Duke Archives.

Outreach Coordinator


Hometown: Little Neck, New York
Pronouns: She/her
School: University of Pittsburgh

Hannah is a Korean American from Queens, NY. She grew up wandering the streets of New York in search of her passions (and of course, food). Currently, she is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a major in Neuroscience, with a minors in Chemistry and Computer Science, and obtaining a Certificate in Conceptual Foundations of Medicine. At Pitt, she was a Public Relations Committee member as well as the Advocacy Chair for the Asian Students Alliance. As a freshmen, she became one of the founding members of Pitt’s Diversity Council. As of now, she is involved in TEDx, as a Board Member and Chair of Logistics, and Alpha Phi Omega. In her free time, she loves martial arts, drawing, and hanging out with friends.

High School Ambassador Leadership Program Coordinator


Hometown: Memphis, TN
Pronouns: She/her
School: Duke University

Elizabeth is a Chinese American from Memphis, TN. She is currently a freshmen at Duke University and is interested in studying Public Policy, Sociology, and Documentary Studies. As one of the youngest members of the ECAASU team, she is hoping to learn and grow from organizing around AAPI specific issues. In Memphis, she worked with BRIDGES USA, a non-profit focusing on bridging the gap between different identities of youth to create a generation of inclusive and constructive youth. She has a passion for youth centered issues and discovering one's identity and why they are the way they are and the different dimensions that come with it. Within organizing spaces, she wants to emphasize and implement the urgency to include youth in our decision making processes and our dialogue to create a better community to work "with" youth not "for" youth. In Elizabeth's free time, you can catch her with her camera around her neck making videos or taking photos. And if not, she's probably complaining about editing the aforementioned videos or photos.

Campus Tour Coordinator


Hometown: Newport News, VA
Pronouns: He/him
School: University of Virginia, '16

Leangelo Acuna is currently the Program Assistant for the Gates Millennium Scholars Program at the Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF). A graduate from the University of Virginia in Biology and Environmental Science, he took an interest and an active role in the AAPI community when arriving to college, as a member of the Organization of Young Filipino Americans (OYFA), Asian Student Union, and the UVA Chapter of the NAACP. Post-grad, he went on to intern for the USDA through the Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership (CAPAL), as well as for the Office of Congressman Mike Honda (D-Silicon Valley). Leangelo enjoys traveling to big cities, trying new foods, and watching TV almost religiously, his favorites right now being How To Get Away With Murder and Steven Universe.

Data Intern


Hometown: Huntington, NY
Pronouns: He/him
School: Stony Brook University, '17

Jacky is a Chinese American and a recent graduate from Stony Brook University, where he majored in Applied Mathematics & Statistics. During his undergraduate career, he was a part of Asian Students Alliance (ASA) for four years and would eventually take on the role of President during his senior year. He hopes to inspire and encourage young Asian Americans into breaking out of their comfort zones and overcoming obstacles in their journey. In his free time, you can find him debugging code in the library or binge-watching shows on Netflix. His diet consists of memes and bubble tea.

Admin Intern


Hometown: Huntsville, AL
Pronouns: She/her
School: University of South Alabama, '17

Ally Heng is a recent graduate of the University of South Alabama, where she majored in Biomedical Sciences. During her undergraduate career, she spearheaded the international award-winning Mega-Musical Chairs Fundraiser, which educates students on cultural competency to empower change for domestic and international issues. Through a multifaceted career in medicine, Ally aspires to create a better future for healthcare as a whole. With a strong understanding about AAPI issues, she hopes to advance and advocate healthcare for Asian Americans. Moreover, she would like to be actively involved in global health initiatives, particularly in the Southeast Asian region. Recently, Ally served on the Empowering Change panel mediated by award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a lover of culture and adventure, Ally is currently traveling prior to matriculating into medical school.

Admin Intern


Hometown: Nutley, NJ
Pronouns: He/him
School: Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Brandon is a first generation Chinese American who was born in Brooklyn, New York and now currently lives in Nutley, New Jersey. He is a senior at Rutgers University - New Brunswick studying Supply Chain Management and Marketing. At Rutgers, he has been part of the Chinese Student Organization for four years and is now acting as President of the organization. He also helps at the Asian American Cultural Center by being a mentor for freshmen and transfer students. On his spare time, you can find Brandon playing video games, catching up on the latest manga releases, or trying to convince his friends to eat with him.