ECAASU, the oldest national Asian American student conference in the country, has enjoyed over 40 years of education, advocacy, and activism. We are looking for a volunteer team of passionate, open-minded students, recent graduates, and young professionals who will take the initiative on advancing a variety of issues and build the Asian American and Pacific Islander student community on the East Coast. As we are committed towards diversity and strive to be inclusive of everyone within the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, we encourage anyone who is interested in contributing to apply here

Gar Yeung, Catherine Wong, Jim Chan, Maria Pitt, Dan Tran, Al-Rashad Ali, and June Kao

The ECAASU Board of Directors

Please be prepared to provide the following on your application:

  • Copy of your most updated resumé, highlighting any relevant leadership, work and/or AAPI community organizing experience
  • Two References

Applications are now closed. If you are interested in getting involved with ECAASU in some other way, please check out our programs tab. We also have an internship program in the Spring and applications will be released in the Fall.

Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have questions about a submitted application.

National Board Positions

ECAASU strives to create a board that represents the many different backgrounds and perspectives within the AAPI community. As such we especially encourage applications from members of Pacific Islander, Southeast Asian, South Asian, and West Asian American communities as well as LGBTQ+, Disabled, immigrant, and low-income/first-generation applicants. Below are descriptions of currently open positions.


The Executive Team supports the work of the Executive Director and the rest of the National Board through cross-team initiatives and administrative support.

The Secretary will assist the executive team with the oversight of the National Board and internal infrastructure development of ECAASU. The role will focus on supporting communication amongst the organization. Additionally, the secretary is responsible for maintaining effective institutional memory by reviewing and updating documents as necessary and ensuring all documents are properly stored and readily accessible. The secretary will assist the executive team and the Board of Directors in creating and sustaining internal systems, procedures, and protocols. They shall also assist the Associate Director in the operations of the internship program.

Data Analyst
The Data Analyst will assist the executive team with tracking performance and improvement of various initiatives over time. This position will be responsible for working with the National Board to collect relevant data, analyze the data using statistical software, and create recommendations for further improvement based on that data.


The Advocacy Team oversees advocacy-related programming and assists other teams in ensuring that all aspects of ECAASU's work is in line with our social justice values.

Director of Advocacy
The Director of Advocacy leads the Advocacy Team and is the primary in-house knowledge expert on AAPI issues, historical and current events, especially as it relates to ECAASU’s history, mission, and goals. The Director of Advocacy is involved with day-to-day management of the advocacy team and works collaboratively with the Executive Director and other teams to prepare statements and to ensure that all of ECAASU’s operations and programming are aligned with our stance on AAPI issues, social justice and activism.

Advocacy and Policy Coordinator
The Advocacy and Policy Coordinator, is in charge of understanding current events across various campuses and the nation. The Advocacy and Policy Coordinator will write statements of support, press releases, and other statements on behalf of ECAASU. This person shall be in charge of keeping the National Board updated about relevant AAPI issues. This position also includes researching statements for ECAASU to sign on to, track public policy issues that may affect the AAPI community, and research and provide reports and recommendations to the National Board.

Research Analyst
The Research Analyst will develop public research reports for dissemination to ECAASU’s community members. This person shall lead research programs and projects that advance the Asian American student narrative.

Civic Engagement Coordinator
The Civic Engagement Coordinator will work with the Director of Advocacy to create and implement civic engagement programming internally and externally throughout the year. Additionally, the Civic Engagement Coordinator will work collaboratively with the Fundraising Coordinator to fulfill the programatic requirements of the APIAVote Student Network Matching program.

Programs Specialist
The Program Specialist will work with the Director of Outreach and other outreach team members to create workshops, advocacy-based programs, and other relevant materials to further enhance ECAASU outreach programming. Programming shall include, but not limited to: Campus Summits, Affiliates Organization Program, and our high school program. The coordinator shall develop and/or assist with any new initiatives that further advance the mission and goals of ECAASU. The coordinator may also write fact sheets on specific topics relevant to the AAPI community or ECAASU’s goals.


The Communications Team oversees all aspects of external communications and branding standards for ECAASU.

Director of Communications
The Director of Communications leads the Communications Team, overseeing the release of all public communications such social media posts, blog posts, statements, workshops, packets, applications, and email digests. This person is responsible for brand management of materials produced, events put on, and the website, including overseeing the development of graphics standards. In addition, the Director of Communications will work closely with their team to produce consistent and relevant social media, editorials, newsletters and an up to date website. This position will create a communications plan for the year, which will include an editorial calendar and how to increase ECAASU’s social media presence, email list, website views, and earned media impressions from bloggers and journalist while spearheading graphics standards

Advocacy Communications Coordinator
The Advocacy Communications Coordinator will work with the Director of Communications to develop and oversee communications initiatives. This position will keep up-to-date with AAPI issues and public policies that may affect the AAPI student community and seek out more information of specific topics that ECAASU will focus on. Additionally, this position shall provide support to the Social Media coordinator and the Managing Editor through assisting with coordinating social media efforts and maintaining the ECAASU Editorial. The Advocacy Communications Coordinator may also write fact sheets and assist with statements on specific topics relevant to the AAPI community or ECAASU's goals.

Graphic Designer
The Graphic Designer works closely with the Director of Communications to manage ECAASU’s brand image and streamline graphic standards across external outlets, including but not limited to the website, press releases, social media, workshops, packets, and merchandise. In addition, the individual will develop visually-appealing communication for ECAASU across all National Board teams (and Conference / BoD teams, as needed). The role is collaborative across team, fielding design requests.

Social Media Coordinator
The Social Media Coordinator will create and/or collect social media content, post social media posts on a schedule and respond to comments/questions on all of ECAASU’s social media. In addition to managing the social media post schedule for particular team-related work, the Social Media Coordinator will also maintain activity on all social media platforms when necessary under the specific direction of the Director of Communication.

Managing Editor
The Managing Editor must be a person with a strong writing background that can support in editing all ECAASU public communications: press releases, newsletters, blogs, and etc. This position oversees the ECAASU Editorial Blog and is in charge of recruiting and coordinating writers to regularly produce content. Additionally, the Managing Editor will also be responsible for editing and proofreading all external communications documents (i.e. flyers, sponsorship packets, programs, etc.) for grammar, style, organization and consistency and managing the ECAASU newsletter throughout the year.


The Development Team increases ECAASU's capacity through fundraising and partnership building.

Director of Development
The Director of Development leads the Development Team and goals and is responsible of overseeing grants, maintaining the sponsorship and partnership relationships of ECAASU, and creating the fundraising campaigns and projects. This position will be in charge of making sure ECAASU has the proper funding for its projects and events. A few of the current projects are Giving Tuesday and the Holiday Benefit Concert. The Director will also work closely with the Executive Team and other teams in the creation and maintenance of the upcoming year’s budget.

Community Partnership Coordinator
The Community Partnership Coordinator will create Sponsorship Packets for the National Board and assist with the Conference sponsorship packet. This position will keep record of sponsors and partners, search for potential sponsors, ensure compatibility with ECAASU’s mission and vision, and track objectives set by sponsors and partners.

Special Events Coordinator
The Special Events Coordinator is the point of contact for event planning for ECAASU. These events include Youth Leadership Week, Holiday Benefit Concert, and other major fundraising events. The Special Events Coordinator will be responsible for logistics of the special events and work closely with the Fundraising Coordinator, if necessary. If events are directly relevant to particular teams (i.e. the Advocacy Team), the Special Events Coordinator will work closely with the relevant team/individual to ensure that their content matches the logistics they are planning. In addition, this individual will work to develop the event’s budget to ensure that appropriate funding exists for the event.

Fundraising Coordinator
The Fundraising Coordinator is the point of contact for ECAASU's fundraising campaigns. These campaigns include Giving Tuesday, Amazon Smile, and other online fundraisers like Macy's Shop for a Cause. The Fundraising Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating National Board's participation in these fundraisers as well as work closely with the Communications Team, when necessary. The Fundraising Coordinator will take lead on coordinating ECAASU National Board merchandise year-long as well as at Conference. Additionally, the Fundraising Coordinator shall work closely with the Special Events Coordinator to coordinate fundraising efforts at ECAASU events.  

Development Coordinator
The Development Coordinator shall work with the Director of Development to spearhead outreach initiatives to the ECAASU Alumni Steering Committee. The Development Coordinator shall assist with the development of donor profiles. In addition, the Development Coordinator will also assist with any additional fundraising initiatives and support the special events coordinators with the logistics of any event in an auxiliary capacity.


The Outreach Team runs ECAASU's many programs throughout the year.

Director of Outreach
The Director of Outreach leads the Outreach Team to manage and expand relationships with Affiliate Organizations, High School Fellows, and other campuses. The Director of Outreach will be responsible for managing year-around programming related to the planning and implementation of partner-specific needs in their own communities. The Director of Outreach will also work with the other teams including the Conference Committee for any relevant programming specific to affiliate organizations, the Trailblazer Award, Conference Bid Process, etc. The Director will work closely with the Executive Team and other teams in the creation and maintenance of the upcoming year’s institutional memory.

Campus Summits Coordinator
The Campus Summits Coordinator oversees the application process of the Campus Summits, works with organizations and student leaders to brainstorm, plan, and implement summit logistics & programming, and works to train National Board members volunteering to participate in the summit. This individual will also work closely with Advocacy coordinator(s) to help develop workshops and programming that enhance the campus summit experience.

Affiliate Organizations Coordinator
The Affiliate Organizations Coordinator serves as the main point of contact with affiliate organizations to faciliate networking, comunnity building, and collaboration amongst the Affiliates. This position is responsible for organizing, engaging, and communicating with organizations affiliated with ECAASU. This person is also responsible for recruiting new organizations for ECAASU to partner with in the future. The Affiliates coordinator will also establish and oversee programming for Affiliates program and work to engage them with their own regional partners for potential collaborative projects. The Affiliates coordinate will manage and coordinate all National and regional affiliate summits and meetings.

HS Program Coordinator
The HS Program Coordinator will facilitate and mentor our High School Fellows in our high school program. This person shall develop curriculum that is inclusive of AAPI advocacy, professional development, and leadership training in order to enhance student's capacity to be leaders and movers in their own communities. This person shall coordinate with high schools across the east coast to recruit and develop the growth of High School students within the program.

Outreach Coordinator
The Outreach Coordinator shall oversee and manage the administrative aspects of the Outreach team with a focus on the Trailblazer award and Conference Bid Process. This position shall reach out to potentially interested bid groups, help interested bid groups with their inquiries about hosting an ECAASU conference. This position shall also work closely with the Director of Outreach to plan and execute new initiatives that are reflective of the mission and goals of ECAASU.