ECAASU, the oldest national Asian American student organization in the country, has enjoyed over 40 years of education, advocacy, and activism. We are still looking for applicants for next year's National Board. The current open positions are: 

  • Managing Editor
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator

We are looking for a volunteer team of passionate, open-minded students, recent graduates, and young professionals who will take the initiative on advancing a variety of issues and build the Asian American and Pacific Islander student community on the East Coast. We encourage anyone who is interested in contributing to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community to apply.


Gar Yeung, Catherine Wong, Jim Chan, Maria Pitt, Dan Tran, Al-Rashad Ali, and June Kao

The ECAASU Board of Directors


Below you can find a few helpful tips as you are navigating the application process:

  1. Position Descriptions can be found below
  2. Please be prepared to provide the following on your application:
  • Copy of your most updated resumé, highlighting any relevant leadership, work and/or AAPI community organizing experience

      3. Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have other questions.

Position Descriptions


The Managing Editor must be a person with a strong writing background that can support in editing all ECAASU public communications: press releases, newsletters, blogs, and etc. This position is in charge of coordinating the ECAASU Editorial Blog and managing the ECAASU newsletter consistently throughout the year. The Managing Editor will also be responsible for editing and proofreading all external communications documents (i.e. flyers, sponsorship packets, programs, etc.) for grammar, style, organization and consistency.


The Outreach Coordinator shall oversee and manage the Trailblazer award and Conference Bid Process. This position shall reach out  to potentially interested bid groups, help interested bid groups with their inquiries about hosting an ECAASU conference. This position shall also work closely with the Director of Outreach to plan and execute new initiatives that are reflective of the mission and goals of ECAASU.


The Fundraising Coordinator will create Sponsorship Packets for the National Board and assist with the Conference sponsorship packet. This position will keep record of sponsors and partners, search for potential sponsors, ensure compatibility with ECAASU’s mission and vision, and track objectives set by sponsors and partners.