ECAASU Condemns Attacks on Birthright Citizenship

Official Statement
October 31st, 2018

Press Contact: 
Miru Osuga, 

ECAASU Condemns Attacks on Birthright Citizenship

WASHINGTON, DC— Yesterday, news broke that President Trump intended to issue an executive order calling for an end to birthright citizenship for children born to noncitizens. Later in the day, news broke again that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) intended to introduce legislation to do the same. The threat is weak— birthright citizenship, the citizenship granted to every child born in the United States regardless of parentage, is not just law, but part of our constitution. Overturning it would require a constitutional amendment, a vote that would require consensus from two-thirds of both the House of Representatives and Senate.

But threats and violence against immigrant communities have escalated in recent years. The infamous Muslim travel ban, a governmental office created to revoke naturalized citizenships, countless ICE raids, the deportations of protected immigrants, the recension of DACA, and military intervention against a group of asylees only scratch the surface of all the xenophobic actions that have taken place. Asian American and transnational Pacific Islander communities are immigrant communities. Assaults on the rights of immigrants are assaults on our community.

Many of us received our citizenship through birthright citizenship— if not us, our parents and grandparents. Birthright citizenship was notably upheld after a Supreme Court case involving a Chinese American man, United States v. Wong Kim Ark. With bipartisan condemnation, this flimsy threat is primarily symbolic, but it would be a mistake to not interpret this as an attack on us and our right to be here, to exist here as Americans. We will not legitimize this attempt to throw into question what is already a guaranteed right to citizenship in this country. We refuse to be silent.

ECAASU stands in support of Latinx, African, and other immigrant communities and calls upon our communities to do the same— in the collective defense of all our communities.

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