ECAASU Calls on US Senators To Prioritize Affirmative Action in Kavanaugh Hearings

Official Statement
September 4, 2018

Press Contact: 
Nicholas Hatcher 

ECAASU Calls on US Senators To Prioritize Affirmative Action in Kavanaugh Hearings

WASHINGTON, DC—Today marks the beginning of Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate Confirmation Hearings for his appointment to the Supreme Court. Activists across the country have been protesting Kavanaugh’s nomination for his stances on reproductive rights, presidential accountability, foreign policy, and digital privacy. Additionally, his role in Rice v. Cayetano documented his stance in support of race-blind policies. In that case, he used race-blind principles to strip power from Native Hawaiian communities; this case signals that he may oppose affirmative action if confirmed.

The East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) calls on our senators to protect people of color and reject Kavanaugh’s confirmation if he refuses to support affirmative action and race-conscious policies in his confirmation hearings. Kavanaugh’s role in Rice v. Cayetano is enough to demonstrate that he is not an ally to Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. There is still much to learn about his stances on essential affirmative action policies.

Currently, Asian Americans are being used as a wedge against affirmative action and admissions reforms across the nation. The highly-publicized lawsuit against Harvard University and the resistance to holistic admissions in New York City specialized high schools have seen the creation of narratives that pit Asian Americans against our Black, Brown, and Indigenous siblings.

But that isn’t the only narrative. ECAASU was founded to politically organize Asian Americans in the wake of the Bakke Supreme Court decision which marked a step back for affirmative action policies. This moment could be the same. We, as Asian American students, wholeheartedly continue to stand in support of affirmative action and race-conscious policies.

An affirmative action lawsuit could very well make it to the Supreme Court in the next decade and Kavanaugh would be a deciding vote. We call on our Senators to press Kavanaugh to speak on his past stances on race-conscious policies and to reject his nomination if he does not support affirmative action.

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