Sylvia Guan

Sylvia Guan is a second generation Chinese American from Southern California. Currently a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a Master’s in Social Policy, Sylvia hopes to bridge her studies in academia and research with organizing that is happening on the ground. During her time in undergrad at Penn, she was involved with the Pan-Asian American Community House through the Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative, PEER Mentoring program, and a voter registration drive. Also an English major as an undergrad, she loves reading, learning, and analyzing minority narratives and believes stories are powerful tools for change. She hopes, as the Managing Editor, to represent a diverse range of voices and uplift the most marginalized within the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. In her free time, Sylvia enjoys writing poetry, riding her bike, watching anime and cartoons, and supporting her favorite figure skaters.

Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA

University of Pennsylvania '18 (Undergrad), University of Pennsylvania '19 (Grad)