Adary Zhang

Ada is a Chinese American from Portland, Oregon. She is currently a senior at Duke University, studying Neuroscience with minors in Global Health and Psychology. Academically she is interested in the intersection of neuroscience and society; her current research initiatives involve examining the neural bases of implicit racial bias. In the future she hopes to push her passion for social equity and justice into the field of medicine, with health equity and health care access as a primary focus. Ada is also passionate about exploring the many nuanced identities of the queer POC community and the different ways in which QPOC students find community and support with and through each other at predominantly white institutions. In her (admittedly little) free time, she enjoys reading, writing, home-cooked food, and discovering new music.

Previously, Ada was a part of the 2017 Conference Team.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Duke University '19