Samantha Wong

Samie is a Chinese American from outside Boston, MA. She is still understanding post-graduate life after getting her bachelors in communications and minor in legal studies at the University of Pittsburgh in 2018. She studied in Taipei, Taiwan during the 2017 spring semester and was a social media intern that summer at a local company called Alchemy Technology. At Pitt, she was a part of the social media team of Her Campus, a photographer for Taiwanese Student Scholars, and a general member of She's The First. Samie occassionally took photos of student events or head shots because of her love of photography. One of her biggest dreams is to be a wedding photographer and learn more photoshop so she can take amazing cosplay photos as well. When she isn't embarassing herself with bad puns or weird dance moves, Samie loves binging webtoons, napping (a lot), eating, squealing at cat photos, and watching anime.

Previously, Samie served as Social Media Intern.

Hometown: Needham, MA

University of Pittsburgh '18