Since 1978, ECAASU has hosted 41 conferences over 40 years. Our conference is the oldest and largest of its kindā€”a conference by and for Asian American and Pacific Islander students.

1978, Princeton University; Asian Student Unity.
1979, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Learning From the Past to Build Up to the Future.
1980, Harvard University; Asian Students Organizing for the 80's.
1981, Mount Holyoke College; Asian Women, Myth and Reality.
1982, Harvard University; Rising to the Challenge.
1983, Columbia University; Asian Students in Action.
1984, Brown University; Asian Americans and the American Dream.
1985, Smith College; Visions of Asians in America: Aspiration & Responsibilities.
1986, Princeton University; Asian Students: New Directions...Beyond the Model Minority.
1987, Boston University; Education in Action.
1988, Cornell University; Momentum for Change: 10 Years of ECASU.
1989, Hunter College; Asian Empowerment through Unity: A Challenging Future.
1990, Smith College; The 1990 Census and Beyond: A Map for Asian American Impact in the United States.
1991, Binghamton University; Speak Up, Speak Out: End of Marginalization.
1992, Harvard University; Changing Faces of Asian American Community.
1993, University of Pennsylvania; Lights, Camera, Action.
1994, Yale University; APAs in the Arts and Media.
1995, Duke University; Exposing the Plight of Asian Pacific Americans in our Nation's Inner Cities.
1996, University of Maryland, College Park; Building Bridges to our Future.
1997, University at Albany, SUNY; Where Do Asian Americans Fit in the Black and White Paradigm.
1998, Cornell University; Leading the Way to the 21st Century.
1999, Brown University; Coming Together: A Pan-Asian Pacific American Movement into the Next Millennium. 
2000, Yale University; Stepping Forward: identity, unity, action.
2001, Columbia University; Evolution! 
2002, Duke University; Strangers in America. 
2003, Georgetown University; New Horizons.
2004, University of Virginia; Awakening.
2005, University of Pennsylvania; Impact: Our Own Making.
2006, George Washington University; Foundations: Deep Roots, Lasting Growth.
2007, Yale University; Breaking Through.
2008, Cornell University; Push Forward.
2009, Rutgers University; Distinct Worlds, One Vision.
2010, University of Pennsylvania; Behind These Eyes: Impression. Introspection. Innovation.
2011, University of Massachusetts - Amherst; B.R.E.A.K: Bridge, Revitalize, Equality, Action, Knowledge.
2012, Duke University; Rediscovery. Renaissance. Revolution.
2013, Columbia University; Within. Across. Beyond.
2014, Washington, DC Coalition between Georgetown University, George Washington University, American University, and University of Maryland - College Park; Mission IGNITION: Champion Your Cause.
2015, Harvard University; New Asian American
2016, Rutgers University; Beyond Our Boundaries.
2017, North Carolina Triangle with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina State University; Atmosphere
2018, Cornell University; Continuum: Power Through Perspective