Since 1978, ECAASU has hosted 41 conferences over 40 years. Our conference is the oldest and largest of its kind—a conference by and for Asian American and Pacific Islander students.

1978, Princeton University; Asian Student Unity.
1979, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Learning From the Past to Build Up to the Future.
1980, Harvard University; Asian Students Organizing for the 80's.
1981, Mount Holyoke College; Asian Women, Myth and Reality.
1982, Harvard University; Rising to the Challenge.
1983, Columbia University; Asian Students in Action.
1984, Brown University; Asian Americans and the American Dream.
1985, Smith College; Visions of Asians in America: Aspiration & Responsibilities.
1986, Princeton University; Asian Students: New Directions...Beyond the Model Minority.
1987, Boston University; Education in Action.
1988, Cornell University; Momentum for Change: 10 Years of ECASU.
1989, Hunter College; Asian Empowerment through Unity: A Challenging Future.
1990, Smith College; The 1990 Census and Beyond: A Map for Asian American Impact in the United States.
1991, Binghamton University; Speak Up, Speak Out: End of Marginalization.
1992, Harvard University; Changing Faces of Asian American Community.
1993, University of Pennsylvania; Lights, Camera, Action.
1994, Yale University; APAs in the Arts and Media.
1995, Duke University; Exposing the Plight of Asian Pacific Americans in our Nation's Inner Cities.
1996, University of Maryland, College Park; Building Bridges to our Future.
1997, University at Albany, SUNY; Where Do Asian Americans Fit in the Black and White Paradigm.
1998, Cornell University; Leading the Way to the 21st Century.
1999, Brown University; Coming Together: A Pan-Asian Pacific American Movement into the Next Millennium. 
2000, Yale University; Stepping Forward: identity, unity, action.
2001, Columbia University; Evolution! 
2002, Duke University; Strangers in America. 
2003, Georgetown University; New Horizons.
2004, University of Virginia; Awakening.
2005, University of Pennsylvania; Impact: Our Own Making.
2006, George Washington University; Foundations: Deep Roots, Lasting Growth.
2007, Yale University; Breaking Through.
2008, Cornell University; Push Forward.
2009, Rutgers University; Distinct Worlds, One Vision.
2010, University of Pennsylvania; Behind These Eyes: Impression. Introspection. Innovation.
2011, University of Massachusetts - Amherst; B.R.E.A.K: Bridge, Revitalize, Equality, Action, Knowledge.
2012, Duke University; Rediscovery. Renaissance. Revolution.
2013, Columbia University; Within. Across. Beyond.
2014, Washington, DC Coalition between Georgetown University, George Washington University, American University, and University of Maryland - College Park; Mission IGNITION: Champion Your Cause.
2015, Harvard University; New Asian American
2016, Rutgers University; Beyond Our Boundaries.
2017, North Carolina Triangle with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina State University; Atmosphere
2018, Cornell University; Continuum: Power Through Perspective